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New York State has a separate and unique regulatory approval process for laboratory diagnostic testing. PeriRx is currently in the application process with our SaliMark™ OSCC test and is vigorously committed to pursuing this application approval. 


Welcome to the PeriRx Newsroom where you will find the latest announcements, articles and media coverage regarding PeriRx and its salivary diagnostic tests. Simply click the individual titles below to view the complete article.


Fall in PSA Screening Resulting in More Advanced Disease


Studies looking at the consequences of American recommendations against routine screening for prostate cancer with the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) have already had an impact on older men, who are now diagnosed with more advanced prostate cancers. The same is being predicted for younger men. Findings from two studies were presented here at the European Association of Urology 2016 Congress. [Read more…]

PeriRx Investigates Salivary Tests for Diabetes

PeriRx Investigates Salivary Tests for DiabetesThere is a cyclical relationship between diabetes and poor oral health, as the presence of one can make the other worse. For example, diabetes can inflame the gums, while gum disease can lead to difficulties in glycemic control. With those kinds of stakes, dentists can play a greater role in diagnosing and treating diabetes.

PeriRx is working on a tool that can help dentists in those efforts. Known for its diagnostic tools for oral cancer, [Read more…]

PeriRx Investigates Salivary Tests for Lung Cancer

12.08.15 PeriRx Investigates Salivary Tests for Lung CancerOral cancer kills more than 8,650 people each year in the United States, largely due to late diagnosis. PeriRx aims to fight those numbers with its SaliMark OSCC salivary test, which catches cancer in its earliest stages. Now the company has set its experience in salivary diagnoses on a larger target with much more at stake—lung cancer and the more than 150,ooo people it kills each year. [Read more…]

A dental guide to cross-coding for oral cancer screening

12.08.15 - A dental guide to cross-coding for oral cancer screening (DENTAL PRODUCTS REPORT)Due to the newfound understanding of oral cancer risk, the dental professional should take seriously the options for insurance coverage from both the dental and medical insurer for the patient’s exam.

Dental professionals are a patient’s primary source of screening within the oral cavity; thus attention must be paid to the most common oral malignancy: squamous cell carcinoma. Historically such malignancies were attributed only to [Read more…]

The best in oral cancer and caries detection

The Best in Oral Cancer and Caries DetectionSaliMark™ OSCC is said to be the first and only risk-­‐assessment test for oral cancer. This saliva test is based on the initial discovery and prevalidation work conducted by Dr. David T.W. Wong at UCLA. More than a decade of National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and National Institute of Health-­‐ supported research reportedly make SaliMark™ OSCC the world’s most scientifically-­‐validated DNA [Read more…]

Decade of Research Supports Salivary Oral Cancer Test

Steve and JackMore than 47,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year, according to the National Cancer Institute. When caught early, survival rates can reach 80% to 90%. But oral cancer often isn’t diagnosed until it is too late, leading to more than 8,650 deaths annually. Researchers at PeriRx, LLC believe their SaliMark OSCC salivary test, which is now on the market, can dramatically improve those numbers and save thousands of lives. [Read more…]

Salivary Test for Oral Cancer Now Available

DrBicuspid logoOral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is the sixth leading cancer worldwide and the fourth in African-American men. The mortality of this disease has not significantly improved in decades and this is largely due to late diagnosis. A new salivary test can help improve these statistics. [Read more…]

OSCC Salivary Test Now Available

SaliMark-Branded Box with ReportNearly 45,750 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. In 5 years, only slightly more than half of those patients will still be alive. The high rate of mortality is due to late diagnosis of the disease, which typically isn’t noticed until it has reached stage III or IV.

PeriRx LCC hopes to change that with SaliMark OSCC, which clinicians can use to screen patients for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). The easy to use yet advanced molecular DNA salivary test is now available from the online ordering systems of Benco Dental, Henry Schein Dental, and Patterson Dental. [Read more…]

Launching Saliva Detection Test for Oral Cancer, PeriRx Sees Opportunity for Early-Stage Disease Dx

Genomeweb  logoNEW YORK (GenomeWeb) — PeriRx, a Pennsylvania-based developer of non-invasive oral diagnostic technology, has launched SaliMark OSCC, which it said is the first commercial saliva test for the early detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma.

The test kit contains biomarkers identified in an initial study done by the Early Detection Research Network (EDRN), an initiative of the National Cancer Institute. The biomarkers and the test were pre-validated by David Wong, a professor in the University of California at Los Angeles’ School of Dentistry. [Read more…]

Delco company’s test kit targets oral cancer

delcotimesA Delaware County personalized medicine company has launched its first product: a DNA test kit developed for the early detection of oral cancer. PeriRx’s SaliMark salivary test kits are now available from the online ordering systems of dental product distributors Henry Schein Dental, Patterson Dental and Benco Dental. The test is priced at $160. [Read more…]

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