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New York State has a separate and unique regulatory approval process for laboratory diagnostic testing. PeriRx is currently in the application process with our SaliMark™ OSCC test and is vigorously committed to pursuing this application approval. 

Media Coverage

Oral Cancer: Stop Assuming and Start Screening

OC02Interprofessional collaboration for optimal patient health and wellness has never been more important, especially with advancements related to electronic health records. With so many specialties, whole-body health is often fragmented by specific body systems and therefore, for better or worse, the roles and responsibilities of providers are intertwined.

Recently I saw my physician for a routine physical. The nurse checked my vitals, height and weight, and made sure my medication list on file was up to date. The nurse also asked if I had any specific concerns for the doctor. The physician listened to my heart and lungs, pressed on my abdomen, palpated my thyroid and asked me to say “ahh.” The visit concluded with a flu shot and an order for routine blood work. This sounds like a fairly typical exam from a family practitioner, right? [Read more…]

Oral cancer: Come together, right now

coverhandshake_0Somewhere along the way, something really bizarre happened: The mouth got separated from the rest of the body. After all, we have dentists, and we have physicians. We have dental insurance and we have medical insurance.

The result is the adoption of a notion that what happens in the mouth doesn’t really matter—that they’re just teeth after all … I can always get a denture. But as dental professionals, we understand that it’s not just about teeth. The mouth as part of the gastrointestinal system is home to all kinds of microbes—some helpful and others that are down-right destructive. The challenge is to help our medical colleagues and the patient understand the impact that oral health has on systemic health. [Read more…]

Delco firm seeks to detect cancer in spit

20150302_oral_1024Spit is central to Stephen Swanick’s vision for detecting disease.

His product, SaliMark OSCC, which debuted this month, uses genetic material in saliva to judge the risk of whether an oral lesion is cancerous.

Swanick, 51, left his job in the medical-device industry and spent $1.3 million of his own money to pursue this. He founded PeriRx in Broomall in 2008, hoping spit would help spot a spectrum of illnesses, from lung cancer to diabetes. [Read more…]

Exclusive: Delco firm preparing to launch oral cancer screening test kit

swanick-martin-600xx4800-3200-0-20A Broomall, Pa., personalized medicine company is getting ready to launch its first product: a test kit for use in a dental office that can detect early-stage oral cancer from a small amount of saliva.

“We have no doubt this will save lives,” said Stephen M. Swanick, the chairman, CEO and founder of PeriRx. The company’s other initial investors are Dr. Neil Gottehrer, a practicing dentist; and Dr. Jack Martin, a cardiologist who is the company’s chief medical officer.

PeriRx plans to introduce SaliMark, its molecular DNA biomarker test to local dentists and hygienists at a free continuing-education course being held Nov. 6 in Havertown, Pa. The test kit will get a larger unveiling in December when it’s presented at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in New York City, a conference expected to draw 50,000 people including 25,000 dentists and 10,000 hygienists. [Read more…]

New Study Finds Clinical Screenings Poor Predictors of Oral Cancer

ASDAAccording to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 40,250 people were diagnosed with cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx in the United States in 2012. The five-year survival rate for those diagnosed with early-stage oral and pharyngeal cancers is 82.4 percent. The five-year survival rate of those diagnosed with late-stage metastasized oral and pharyngeal cancers is 34.9 percent. [Read more…]

Molecular Saliva Test Detects Oral Cancer, Diabetes

2012_11_20_14_52_15_961_Neil_Gottehrer_175November 28, 2012 — A Pennsylvania start-up is gearing up to launch a molecular saliva test that analyzes biomarkers to detect oral cancer and diabetes. PeriRx is now conducting clinical trials of its diagnostic test, which has attracted the interest of the U.K.’s National Institute for Health Research.

The genesis for the test came from a collaboration between Neil Gottehrer, DDS, a Havertown, PA, dentist who has been practicing for 38 years, and David T.W. Wong, DMD, DMSc, a pioneer in salivary diagnostics who is the associate dean of research and a professor of oral biology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Dentistry. [Read more…]

Cutting-edge Test Detects Cancer Cells in Saliva

558869_58064280-704x318In 2008, Pennsylvania doctors, Neil Gottehrer, DDS, and David T.W. Wong, DMD, DMSc, began collaborating on a project to develop a cutting-edge test that would analyze molecular biomarkers in saliva to detect oral cancer. Using Gottehrer’s 38 years of experience as a dentist and Wong’s pioneering research in salivary diagnostics, the two have successfully changed the way doctors, dentists and hygienists screen for oral cancer. [Read more…]

PeriRx Developing Cancer Tool for Dentists

PeriRx887HAVERTOWN — A personalized medicine company is out to make a trip to the dentist more meaningful than simply a checkup for cavities and a teeth cleaning.

PeriRx has licensed and is completing the development of a non-invasive saliva test for dentists that can be used to detect and predict oral cancer — the world’s sixth most common cancer.

Stephen M. Swanick, CEO of PeriRx, said the 4-year-old Delaware County company is in discussions with several large pharmaceutical companies, including GlaxoSm-thKline and Johnson & Johnson, about teaming up on the distribution of its molecular diagnostic test for oral cancer and a second product targeted the early diagnosis of diabetes. [Read more…]