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New York State has a separate and unique regulatory approval process for laboratory diagnostic testing. PeriRx is currently in the application process with our SaliMark™ OSCC test and is vigorously committed to pursuing this application approval. 


Welcome to the PeriRx Newsroom where you will find the latest announcements, articles and media coverage regarding PeriRx and its salivary diagnostic tests. Simply click the individual titles below to view the complete article.


Improving Diagnoses of Oral Cancer

ORAL and pharyngeal cancer—cancer of the lip, tongue, pharynx and mouth—affects approximately 30,000 people annually. This disease claims the lives of almost 8,000 people each year, or about one person every hour. Oral cancer surgery can be very disfiguring and thus psychologically traumatic in a society that places a high value on physical appearance. Treatment of this condition also often results in severe loss of oral function, and chronic discomfort including difficulty in chewing, swallowing, and speaking. [Read more…]